Project Structure

Hi, I've just recently downloaded and tried Selena. Overall it's pretty nice without much in the way of bugs. One thing I was hoping it would fix was an aspect project management. Unfortunately I haven't been able to resolve it.

I'm using multiple modules for my project. I handle dependencies using the ivy dependency system. When I change a shared module I run "ant publish" to push the change into a central repository then "ant resolve" to grab the latest jar and put it in my local lib directory.

For this reason I have multiple modules in my project but don't have them as dependencies within idea. I just include the jar file in my classpath for the module.

This works well up to a point. The trouble is that when I ctrl-b to the declaration of the shared module I end up seeing the classfile stub rather than the source. This is despite the fact that I've attached the source to the jar file. Also breakpoints are not honoured and I can't step into the source with a debugger.

Is this a bug/feature and is there anything I can do to fix it?


Glen Stampoultzis

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