How to configure IntelliJ 11 + remote tomcat 6 + maven imported modules?

Dear ladies and sirs.

I have tried to find a definitive a complete answer to my question, but failed, despite the seemingly abundant appearance of the relevant buzz words on various sites.

Here is what I have now:

  • Imported multiple maven modules into IntelliJ project
  • Maven targets run OK from the Maven Projects flyout - a war file is created.
  • Making the project from the "Build|Make Project" is OK too. But here no war is created, just the .class files.
  • Tomcat 6 running on another machine
  • Manually deploying the war produced by the package maven goal to the remote tomcat works OK.
  • A local tomcat 6 instance is configured as an application server. I am not going to use this instance, but the JetBrains documentation says I must have a local instance in order to have an application server configured with the IDE.
  • No artifacts and no facets are configured for the IntelliJ project.
  • The remote tomcat is run with
    JAVA_OPTS=-Xdebug -Xrunjdwp:transport=dt_socket,address=1317,suspend=n,server=y

I want to be able to debug my server in the IntelliJ. Which means, that I must have a Run configuration, which does the following:

  1. Produces the respective war file. Making the project does not produce any war, so it should be either modified to produce one or the war should be created as part of a Run configuration. I have no idea which one is the right way.
  2. Deploys or redeploys it to the remote tomcat instance.
  3. Lets me remotely debug the code.

How do I do it?

Thank you very much,

I have asked the same question on SO ( to no avail until now.

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Answered for you on StackOverflow. As a new member, I need the reputation points ;)

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I have some problems with it.
Could you elaborate your answer?
Specifically, I need to know how to make IntelliJ communicate with the remote tomcat, because it fails to do so.
Have you done it yourself?


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