Automatic merge of local branch with master

           I want to know the steps to create a local branch in intellij with git as my version control system. I have multiple remote source code repository and I want to create a local branch to work on my code changes. I tried the following steps
1. Create a local branch from the git pop up menu by following this link.
2. Make code changes
3. Compare it with master branch

When I compare the local code changes with master, the pop shows that the branch master is fully merged with the local branch. I do not want the master branch to be merged with the local branch. I want to control this and do it manually whenever I am ready to push the changes. How do I do that?

Thank you.

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Until you commit your changes, they don't belong to any branch.

"master is fully merged with the local branch" doesn't mean that the IDE or Git have merged it. It just means that there are no commit difference between your branch and master, which is true, because you've just branched off from master and didn't make any commits yet.

To review your uncommitted changes you may use "Compare with the same repository version", or Changes | Local | Show Diff.

You may want to learn basics of Git to understand its workflows better. I can advice a very good book for it. It is called "Pro Git" and is available online:


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