ADT installApp options


I am using IntelliJ IDEA for air mobile development. Could any one help if i want to add options to ADT install app command?

The ADT options in settings only for packaging app. But i can't found how to add option for ADT install app.

Using IDEA 12.



ADT is not used for launching, ADL is used instead (which is AIR Debug Launcher). To add ADL options open Run | Edit configurations, select your emulator-targeted run configuration and see 'ADL options (emulator)' field there. By the way, I'm curious, what options do you need to add?


Oh Sorry, it should be install app. Not launch app.

Since i have servral devices and want to install app to dedicated device by the "-device" command.


unfortunately it is not possible now. We plan to implement it soon in a more convenient way than manual adding ADT option. Please watch/vote/comment


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