Understanding JetGradle structure changes

Hi. I'm confused about the JetGradle structure changes and exactly how this tool works.

Currently, I've pulled a change to the gradle script from another team member. This change includes an upgrade to a dependency. Let's call it socks.jar. It's gone from v1.0.1 to v.1.0.3.

I've run a build locally and everything compile.

In IntelliJ I have a broken reference to a class that exists in socks-1.0.3, but not in socks-1.0.1

In JetGradle socks-1.0.1 is marked as IDEA local (blue) and socks-1.0.3 is marked as Gradle local (green). This doesn't help. How do I tell IDEA to forget about socks-1.0.1 and reference socks-1.0.3?

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I discovered that you can right click the green entries and import them. Is that the only mechanism? An "import all" or "synchronise" button would be a good addition to this little gem.


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