Having a revision number, how can I see the changes made on that revision?

I am using subversion for a project and I have a revision number from about 1 year ago. Now I want to see the changes that are made on that particular revision. Is that possible?


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Select the project root directory in the project view. Run the "Show History" command. In the "Version Control" Window, find the revision number in question and select that line. Click the "Show all effect file" icon ShowAllAffectedFiles.png (Mapped to Alt+Shift+A by default on windows). That will open a dialog window (It may take a few moments to open while IDEA queries the VCS) showing all the files modified in that version/changeset. You can then do diffs against the previous file, or against the current local file on the individual files from that window. Or you can open them in the editor and run the "Annotate" action from the version control menu.


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