Setting the Groovy compiler to compile Groovy AND Java

Is there a way to do that?

When I go to Compiler -> Java Compiler, the drop down for "Use compiler:" shows Javac, Eclipse & Ajc.
BTW, the Groovy and Cucumber for Groovy plugins are enabled.

Gerardo Blanco

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I have groovy and java in the same project and I have never had to mess with compiler settings.

Are you having a problme of some kind?

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No specific problems. I read advice to compile both java and groovy code with the groovy compiler just because that way you don't care about compilation order, and avoid some other problems.
Now, after posting, I found this page:

Notice the following section:

Advanced Mixed-Language compiler

IntelliJ IDEA supports the smart Groovy compiler, which understands both Groovy and Java code and lets you         seamlessly compile mixed-language projects.

Do I assume this is the "out of the box" behavior?

Thanks for your help,

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