Is it safe to delete these plugin directories?

I routinely delete these plugin directories when install Selena. Lately,
Selena has been pretty buggy for me (repository corruption errors, class
structure disappearing and reappearing again after doubleclickin on class in
class structure panel, collapsed methods of a class all suddenly un-collapse
as I type ...)

I wonder if there could be any problems with deletion of those plugins. Any

rd /S /Q plugins\Geronimo
rd /S /Q plugins\Glassfish
rd /S /Q plugins\GWTStudio
rd /S /Q plugins\j2meplugin
rd /S /Q plugins\JBoss
rd /S /Q plugins\PerforceIntegration
rd /S /Q plugins\StrutsAssistant
rd /S /Q plugins\svn4idea
rd /S /Q plugins\tomcat
rd /S /Q plugins\weblogicIntegration
rd /S /Q plugins\webSphereIntegration
rd /S /Q plugins\ClearCaseIntegration
rd /S /Q plugins\vssIntegration
rd /S /Q plugins\Spring
rd /S /Q plugins\cvsIntegration
rd /S /Q plugins\HibernateSpringIntegration
rd /S /Q plugins\Hibernate

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I've been deleting nearly the same set of plugins without problems since before Selena started.

The class structure bugs are new behavior -- I very much doubt they're related to removing plugins (and if they were, that would be a bug, too.).


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