Run button ever grey (configure web project for Tomcat)


im starting to work with IntelliJ Ultimate.
I have a existing project. All colleagues use eclipse ....(monster)....
Now Im trying IntelliJ and nearly all fine.
But not all..
I want configure automatic run.
There is a Menu "Run" on toolbar.
=> I select "Run"
=> Menu to select what you want to do with the menu point "edit configuration"
=> I click it
=> select Tomcat Server (Local) (There is one on my development folder, jsut a extracted Zip file, in a folder, stand alone tested work fine)
=> IntelliJ accept selection, now he know the tomcat server
=> I go to deployment, set my Deploy option
0> But now, I expect I can Start it. But no.
The Button "Run" stay greyed.
What I do wrong? What is missing.

gz Desian

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Probably you've edited configuration from Defaults. Add new Tomcat configuration by clicking "+" in toolbar (it's in dialog "Run/Debug Configurations").

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Sry, may not written...
Tomcat already added.
=> I select main folder
=> IntelliJ acept automaticly configure (set start/stop scripts etc.)

Problem not solved...


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