Eclipe/Xcode-esque Paramete Completion

How do I get the code completion in IntelliJ to act like Xcode/Eclipse?

This meaning, typing a method that takes parameters, and when you select the method from the auto-complete list:

intToString(int val);

In Eclipse, you'll get:

intToString( (val-placeholder) );

and similar in xcode.

However, in IntelliJ, all you get is:


How do you get placeholders for parameters in IntelliJ?

The closest I have found to this is IntelliJ IDEA 9's SuperComplete but in IDEA 12 I don't get the whole group of parameters like in this blog post but I rather get single parameters at a time.


unfortunatelly intellij requires some extra keystrokes, one for choosing the method and one for choosing method parameters, so:

Foo foo = bar.<ctrl + shift + space>,   select your method and press TAB
Foo foo = bar.getFooForParameters(<ctrl + shift + space>), select method parameters and press CTRL +ENTER


seeing this behaviour, I think Idea shold combine this into one action.Please a feature request, post a link  so we can vote for it.


Hmm, it's funny because in AppCode (the Objective-C IDE from Jetbrains) it works exactly that way. I guess because people coming from XCode are used to it. And when I think about it I actually prefer the XCode/AppCode style myself too.

Don't know how hard it would be to port that feature to IDEA or how many people would like the change. Maybe you should create a feature request.


I understand this, but how does one concat parameters like in the blog post?


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