Why does Ultimate Edition prompt for allowing incoming connections

On MacOS, 12.0.1 Ultimate Edition constantly causes a prompt to allow incoming connections on startup.

This is even after removing the app and reinstalling it from the dmg file. And 12.0.1 was a new download; not a patch.

Edit: based on some additional reading I've done concerning code signing I should probably mention this is on Snow Leopard 10.6.8


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It's likely one of two things...

  1. The IDE Talk (instant messaging) plug-in. It is included in the ultimate edition whereas it has to be explicitly added in the community edition. Although I'm pretty sure that is an outgoing connection attempt (on start-up) to connect to a Jabber server. You can disable it in file > settings > plug-ins if you do not use it.
  2. I think the licensing component uses a network socket (in and out) to interact with other instances of IntelliJ IDEA on the network to allow for verifying licensing and usage limits.
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Thanks for the reply Mark.

It's definately not the IDE Talk component. I disabled it, then re-enabled the firewall and the prompt is back.



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