error when redeploying to local jetty8

I have problem when I redeploy war to local jetty (when I select 'update resources on frame deactivation' or I choose artifacts to redeploy).

it throws

Error copying 'myproj\src\main\webapp\less\defaults.less' to 'myproj\target\myproj.war
\less\defaults.less'.: myproj\target\myproj.war\less\defaults.less 
(The requested operation cannot be performed on a file with a user-mapped section open)

from this post I ve found out that I should configure jetty to stop lock resources but I cannot force jetty to do so.

I tried to override configuration in web.xml or in webdefault.xml


but it has no effect. my jetty server is configured using jetty-jmx.xml file inside intellij and it throws error when I try to to change it to something different. I tried to set
propoerty somwhere in
jetty-jmx.xml but I cant find the proper place.

I would appreciate any feedback on this,


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