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Hi Guys,

Is there any "runtime" version fo the Intellij platform? The same way as Eclipse has runtime which allows developing new applications I hope Intellij has similar thing.

The idea I have in mind is simple.

I have a bunch of developers who are sitting offshore and the reporting framework.
There is a custom DSL for the report definition in the platform. I was thinking of building IDEA plugin for processing/testing of the reports.
So, developers will be able to build reports without going into details of the implementation.

Once the tool is packaged it will allow reports development only.

Is there any way to implement this?


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It is possible to make a custom-built version of the IntelliJ Platform, but that's not easy to do, not documented, and we're unable to offer any support with this. It's much easier to build a plugin for IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition, and to teach your users to ignore everything that's not related to the functionality of your plugin.


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