Building PHP extensions in Intellij

Hi All -

I've been interested in doing some PHP extension development using C / C++. I've found a number of tutorials out there (such as this resource page: but have not found a good tutorial on setting up an extension development environment in an IDE. Has anyone here tried to get an environment set up in Intellij? If so, do you have tips / resources I can use to do the same? I tried once before but couldn't figure out how to get something set up to build properly.

Thanks for any help you can provide,


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Given that IntelliJ IDEA doesn't have any C/C++ development support (and the existing third-party plugin is not actively maintained and has many isssues), I would recommend choosing a different IDE for developing PHP extensions.

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It does seem there is some latency in the updates of the C / C++ tool. Just in case though, has anyone else here had experience setting up projects on that plugin? Alternatively, can you direct me to any good resources that will help me answer my above question?

As noted, I did a lot of google searching before coming here. I'm surprised at how little information there seems to be on building PHP extensions on an IDE so I'm hoping that there are some experts on here that may know "the secret" ;)


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