Idea 12.0 and JBoss AS 7 integration


I have tried to get the JBoss AS 7 integration to work with a JavaEE 6 exploded war - I had some success but I'm still not satisfied. Here is what I've done so far.

  • In my maven (3.0.4) project I added a profile to be used inside Idea for providing an directory name ending with .war.


This at least made the local JBoss recognize and deploy the application.

  • When changing the output directory to <jboss-home>/standalone/deployment/my-web.war (the latter dir I had to create manually) I could deploy the application, and after changing a class in my project and touching a file <jboss-home>/standalone/deployment/my-web.war.dodeploy the changed class was recognized (this way the application even gets redeployed - which is not exactly what I want).

I would like Idea's JBoss integration to do all this. Is there a way to achieve recognition of changed classes and / or ressources? The update command (CTRL+F10) doesn't work either, only when selecting "redeploy".

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I've had some success here - if not started with run but with debug, any time I make the project (CTRL+F9) a dialog pops up and Idea asks me if I would like the changed classes to be reloaded (I can avoid this dialog by checking "don't show this again").

This is at least a way I can work faster the always redeploying the whole application. And it's always possible to debug the application :).

If anyone comes across "reloading" classes when running I'd appreciate to know about this.

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