Missing config files from WEB-INF after deploying app


I'm building a Java/Tomcat app in IDEA using Maven, and from what I can see the WAR file is generated correctly, but when I get IDEA to deploy it to Tomcat (that IDEA itself is managing), I only see the content in WEB-INF that was there in the source tree. META-INF is completely gone.

In the Maven pom.xml I have a webResources section which pulls in a couple of local JAR files and a couple of app-specific configuration files. None of these configuration files end up in WEB-INF. Nor does my web.xml which was previously in the root of WEB-INF.

I'm probably missing something obvious here, but I'd appreciate even a documentation link to point me in the right direction!

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Interestingly, if I deploy with the exploded WAR, IntelliJ appears to direct Tomcat to that directory directly and I end up with a working webapp. So there is something happening during the WAR file deployment or just after it that is removing my additional files.


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