How to install java7 docs?

I have recently purchased IntelliJ IDEA and I am struggling to install java7 docs , so that I can use them in the editor , but I've had no luck with this task so far.
I would appreciate any help on this topic.
Thank you.


Actaully I have no idea how to do that.
But instead you could just attach the JDK7 sources (the file in the JDK folder) to IDEA.

Easiest way to do so is to CTRL mouse click a JDK class in your source code and when IDEA says "Sources not found" click "Attach sources...". Should solve your problem.


Hi Starvos,

The JDK7 you installed on your machine should comes with under where you installed it. Intellij should able to auto detect this when you simply use this JDK. If you have it associated correct, then simply open any JDK classes (CTRL+N) such as "java.util.Random") and it should display the source automatically.

However JDK in IntelliJ must be setup first. When you first create/import a Java project, it will prompt you to use an SDK. In that dialog, ensure you select the folder where you installed your JDK7 and you are all set.



I've installed the proper path in the platform settings 'Documentation Paths' tab and I can see now the docs by using the 'Ctrl + J' combination on my mac.
A very useful topic about IntelliJ IDEA keyboard shortcuts can be found here :


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