Customer Support Question and PHP Woes

Edit: I went ahead and bought IntelliJ IDEA. I look forward to tinkering with it.

Hello. My name is Mooney and I just heard about IntelliJ IDEA today from Google+. I saw that this software was 75% off today and that it does everything I need: Android and easy PHP development. My machine is running Ubuntu. I was able to install IntelliJ IDEA and run it perfectly fine. My problem came in when I tried to install the PHP plugin here: Using the latest version of the plugin and IntelliJ.

My Question
Is the customer support sufficient enough to get me full PHP support with debugging, intellitrace, etc? If the support is good, I will definitely buy IntelliJ. I'm not worried about fixing my current installation right now, just purchasing the software.

Thank you,

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I'm not sure if your question is answered already (or your problem solved). But I can attest that the PHP plugin works in IDEA 12, I'm using it myself for almost a year now. Never had any real issues with it, and support from JetBrains is definately up to par.

I'm on my second license already, (bought before any kind of sale) and havent regretted it a single day. So far I'm really pleased with the JetBrains team and their products, and no: I'm not a fanboy or employee ;)


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