Clean (re)install question (mac os x specific)


Was hoping for any tips when using various versions of the EAP.

It strikes me the going forward should be OK (i.e. using one re-eap after another) but going back to an older version of an EAP after a new one has been run might not be such a good idea without properly deleting any Idea generated data (caches, etc.)

I was looking for some advice here.

Should I just delete ~ "/Library/Caches/IntelliJIDEA70"

Wondering if there's more I should delete?

Assume doing a clean build will delete any build specific artifacts IDEA has previous generated. Is that a valid assumption or should I be more rigorous about cleaning up generated build artifacts as well?

Thanks in advance.



~/Library/Application Support/IntelliJIDEA70

The first stores jar caches, the second stores preferences, and the third, plugins.



If I remove all of them, do you happen to know if I'll be prompted to import previous settings when start a new EAP?

Thanks again,


Yes, you will. If you remove these three directories, it's as if IDEA was never installed on your system.


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