Importing Huge Eclipse Project with Multiple Frameworks into IDEA 12

I would like to import an existing Eclipse project into IDEA 12 that uses multiple frameworks (JSF, Spring Core, Spring MVC, and Struts). This project is using barebones Eclipse and I'm hoping that importing it into IDEA will give me all the additional capabilities of IDEA -- *if* the import works as expected and hoped.

To do this import with IDEA 12, would I need to first set up a blank IDEA project with each of these frameworks configured during the project setup, then do an import?

Or, would it be better to just do an import and IDEA will recognize the other project's framework and files?


So, what I want to be able to do once I import the (HUGE) Eclipse project into IDEA is to be able to use IDEA's tools for JSF, etc. -- just as if the entire project had been created in IDEA to begin with. If the import isn't done so IDEA "understands" it, then it's like I'm still using barebones Eclipse.

Is this type of perfect or nearly perfect import possible?

Look forward to best ways to do this import.





You should invoke Import Project, choose directory where your .classpath/.project files are stored and import. IDEA would detect used frameworks and should configure itself with adding facets, etc.
If you have any problems with this process please describe them separately. Thanks



Thank you!!!

Really appreciate your quick reply.

Will give this import process a try and let you know if anything unexpected happens. :)

- m


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