Using other L&F in B#6755

I've been playing with JTattoo recently and I'm having trouble getting it to work as the default skin in Idea #6755. I followed the directions on JTattoo's site, modifying in my JDK and placing the jar into the ext directory. I modified (I run KUbuntu) to use my system JDK which is version 1.6.0. I then start Idea and it complains that it can't find classes in the JTattoo jar. If I try any other app with the same JDK the skin will load just fine. I then drop a copy of JTattoo.jar in $IDEA_HOME/lib and then it works almost. If Idea starts with one of JTattoo's skins then I lose the title bar and border for the main frame. If I start it with one of it's supplied skins then I get the titlebar back and I'm able to switch to one of JTattoo's skins. What's the problem here?



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