Some (JSP) "syntax" exceptions

Hi there,

IDEA's quite helpful when it comes to validating JSP content. However, some of the things it attempts to validate are registered as syntax exceptions, although they're not, technically, related to the jsp syntax.

The property object paths inside struts html tags fall into this category. Two drawbacks coming from this approach:
1. I cannot disable such error reporting unless I completely disable the syntax checking for the jsp (which, for obvious reasons, I don't want to do)
2. I cannot see these errors in a batch inspection run, since those checks are not inspections.

I remember talks a while back about making all the non jdk/compile problems into inspections (there are some like this in the java editor as well). Is this enhancement still planned? If so, any ETA for it (I'm trying to set up a teamcity build with IDEA inspections and having a way to report the above would be of great help).



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