How to end a rename refactoring?


I am using IDEA 12

I press enter (as I used to, long ago, with prior versions of IDEA) and what now happens is that the refactoring does not complete -- a linebreak is inserted within the new identifier I am choosing.  How could that ever be correct?

I have altered some of the keymappings to make IDEA more Mac-like (I did not find the Mac-like template provided very well done -- e.g., cmd+G and shift+cmd+G have to be "find next" and "find previous" or my ears emit steam), but the modality of the thing I am doing and the total restriction against having whitespace within an identifier should never permit this to be broken, as I'd deem it now.

Is there a way I can export my Mac-like keymap for you to see?  is there a way to diff two keymaps to see what might be off?


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Hi Anthony,

To export your keymap you can use this plugin:

And please create an issue.


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For those who are looking for the answer to the original question :

How to end a rename refactoring?

it's Tab, not Enter, not click somewhere (else), but Tab.

If you feel dumb (like me), don't : I couldn't find that precious piece of information in the documentation (,, ...)

Enjoy !


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