What is the order system for Editor Tabs in IntelliJ by default?


I tried to find the rule for ordering editor tabs, but i cannot find it.


I closed all tabs, and tried:

- I pressed 'Ctrl + E' to show 'Recent files' and then click the files bottom-up, but it opened right side of opened before.

- I opened several files in same folder, but it opened sequencially, (i expected that they are opened as file order)


What is the order 'RULE' for editor tab open? I think there is a rule (or some rules) to ordering opened or reopened files.

Using same project, but differenct machine(same OS), it shows differenct editor tab ordering..




Thanks in advance.

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Tabs closing policy can be configured in the editor settings:

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Thank you for your reply!


I mean, when i opening a new file, the editor tabs are not ordered as sequencially..


When i close all tabs and randomly open files (in project tree view), the editor tabs are NOT shown from left to right...

Sometimes newly opened editor tab positioned in between already opened fils..


For example,

  1. I open A.java and B.java. the editor tabs are [A.java][B.java]
  2. And i open C.java, it shows as : [A.java][C.java][B.java]


How can i explain this?

Thank you!

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By default editor tabs are open on the right of the active tab. There is a registry setting to open new tabs always on the right:

(Registry is available via Ctrl+Alt+Shift+/ shortcut).

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Dear ,

i mean,

  1. I open A.java and B.java. the editor tabs are [A.java][B.java] 
  2. and currently highlighted and focused on [B.java] tab
  3. And i open C.java, it shows as : [A.java][C.java][B.java]   ← Why not [A.java][B.java][C.java] ???

Thank you

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Either you have some plug-in installed that affects tab ordering or it's a bug.

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It would be great if the newest tabs are prepended to the left. Because otherwise my newest tabs hide in the right dropdown when I have to many tabs open. A perfect workflow for me would be:

Have newest tabs in the tab bar. The tabs which do not fit (and are thus older) will be accesible via the dropdown on the right. If the dropdown exceeds 10 tabs the oldest ones will be closed.


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