Alt+F7: skip results tab with one usage ([i]ignore comments[/i]) ?

When running "Find Usages" (AltF7) there's a very comfortable option "Skip results tab with one usage" which I have always turned on. The problems is that IDEA now counts "Usages in comments" as well and since I'm usually very generous in providing "links" to methods (with {@link .. } and @see) - chances are for any single AltF7 result there's some Javadoc {@link .. } referencing this single usage as well. Now "Skip results tab with one usage" almost never works for me due to extra comments ! Is there a way for "Skip results tab with one usage" to ignore "Usages in comments" ? After all, the idea behind "Skip results tab with one usage" is to jump to that single usage and if there are comment available - who cares, one needs this single usage anyway.

Thank you

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Thinking about it again - may be it's possible to provide an option for disabling "Usage in Comments" feature of Alt+F7? Or having a checkbox on "Find Usages" window called "Ignore Comments" ?


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