Tab Groups

Has anyone thought about or suggested the idea of tab groups.

By a tab group, what I mean is that you have a set of master tabs that you add and remove yourself. Then, within those tab groups you would have the individual files.

For example, you would have a default tab group called Default or Work or something like that. Then, you could create a new tab group call XML where you would open some of the XML files for your project. You might add another tab group for some major task you a working on and add files to that.

And, you should be able to place the same file in different groups, if you needed to.

What I find is that at times, between classes, interfaces, XML files(and schemas), I am in some way or another reopenina a file I had opened earlier. And, if they are opened, I am searching my tabs more than I like.

Also, if I am doing a bit of research through some classes I am not changing(such as base JAVA classes), doing that in a different tab group would be nice. I could even close the entire group at one time and not have to track down the different files I opened during my research.

So, as I am working, I could group my work a little better, keep more file open and available, and have an easier time finding them.



This sounds a lot like the favorites feature that already exists in the product (but which I never use)


I does, a bit, except for a few differences. First, navigation. Jumping back and forth between Project and Favorites is not something I want to do. Second, I look at favorites being a little more permanent. Third, the favorites are not necessarily open files, so I still have to double click to open them. Finally, I still run into the issue of losing tabs/files I would like to keep open.

If anything, if something like tab groups was implemented, I would like to see and option that would allow you to open a group of favorites into a new tab group, and a feature that allows you to save a tab group as a new favorites.

So, I am like you, I don't use favorites myself, and I did look at it when thinking about the tab groups idea.


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