Make project automatically


I'm trying to use the new feature of compiling my multi module project automatically.

I cheked the option of the compiler. But, even with no run/debug task, I have to manually launch the make (ctrl-F9).

Any idea of what can be wrong?


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Hi Gaetan,
This is the way it is expected to work.
Here's the topic discussig this:


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Well, I start understanding. The compilation is automatically done but not the file save (I never never save files in intellij).

For example:

  1. you have a problem in a file.
  2. The «Problems window» indicates it.
  3. You go on the file, the parsing of the file indicates in red the problem.
  4. You make the correction

=> the file is green (no problem in the file) BUT the problems still appears in the problem windows.
That is a little bit confusing. For you the problem is solved and you think you have automatic compilation.

What is a little bit more weird is that when you go on another of application (alt-tab to show your browser for example), the file is then automatically saved and the problem disapears from the «Problems windows».

Maybe having the option of automatically save a file after a positive analysis would be a good way of having the analysis and compilation states synchronized.


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