suggestions for XML 'bread crumbs'


I have the following suggestions for bread crumbs:

1. Use links rather than buttons (cosmetic change). I think it would
look less cluttered.

2. When you click on one of the crumbs maintain the rest in a different
style (grayed, light, whatever) for easy way to go back to where you
were before you clicked. Currently even CtrlAltLeft doesn't work.


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I like the buttons more than links, as it provides more visual guidance, e.g. with background color. Button border can be used as an extra feedback channel.

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Another thing to consider is to use the right side of that bar to display an XPath expression which evaluates to the current selected element. The XPathView plugin provides that, and if you are doing anything with XPath/XSLT/XQuery it is incredibly handy. Handy enough to be worth spending that otherwise empty real estate on.

--Dave Griffith


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