Folder renaming - changes aren't seen until project reload

Selena build 6733 (had the same with 6708), WinXP SP2.

Let's say I have a project's folder I would like to rename - I select it in the "1: Project" panel, press Shift+F6 and press "Refactor". IDEA certainly does something with my disk but folder's name is still the same in the "Project" panel. I check the disk - the folder is renamed.
Synchronize (CtrlAltY) - nothing, still doesn't change. I close the Project (Alt+F,J) and then open it again - aha ! only now I see the new folder under it's new name.

Should I file a JIRA ?

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Same thing happens when I "move" a class from one package to another with drag-n-drop (thanks for this new feature !) - changes are not reflected in the "Project" tab until project is reloaded manually (although files are modified on the disk, Synchronize doesn't help as in previous case)


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