Controlling checkin when multiple branches in same project

Where I currently work we have a new branch of svn for each release cycle, so I need to work on multiple branches of the same project. This has caused me problems because sometimes I edit the file in the wrong branch and commit against the wrong branch which I want to avoid.

Currently I create a new module for each branch and remove the other module branch from the project to avoid the above problem. Can I avoid having to delete and add the module when I switch branches.
I have tried: Using contexts - I saved a context, swapped the module then saved another context but when I switch between the contexts they are the same it doesn't switch the module.

A nice solution would be to put each module on a sparate changelist

Forgot to mention this question has been posted here http://stackoverflow.com/questions/13572548/managing-multiple-branches-in-one-project-intellij#comment18610238_13572548 without a satisfactory answer.


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