Little confused about ClearCase plugin

I was happy to see that a ClearCaseplugin is bundled with Selena 6700(i
tired of patching my own one).
The plugin in version is 1.3.6 from 08/2005 - what does it mean ?
Plugin updater notfiy me that there is a new version 1.3.7 - Should i try to
use it ?
In there are two
clearcase plugins - which one is bundled with IntelliJ ?(if any)

In the curretn version 1.3.6. Commit project (Ctrl-K) does not work - does
nothing. Is this is well known bug ?


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I wouldn't update to the newest ClearCase plugin if I were you. I just tried and now I get an error every time I start up IntelliJ and ClearCase no longer works at all in the IDE.


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