Need advice: How to integrate Git & Github with IDEA on Windows

I've had so many problems using Git on Windows, it's really rather tragic.  I thought Github for Windows would be the most mainstream way to get Git installed on Windows. But I cannot get it to reliably work with IDEA.

It seems that it cannot find git.cmd/git.exe.. even though Git's shell works fine. I think this may be because it injects the Git paths when the shell gets launched, NOT by putting them into the system paths. I tried to fool this by adding the "portableGit" paths manually to my system path. But after an auto-update of git, these paths all changed and I am left again without IDEA being able to find git.exe.

Is using the git.exe provided with git for windows a hopeless cause? What distribution of Git works the best for people?

I BELIEVE I am using https authentication to connect to github. SSH keys are more of a pain so although I used them early on with Git, I am not currently. Should I give in and just make SSH keys for all my git uses?

Any help is appreciated.

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FWIW i've had no problem with msysgit install (on Windows 7) and then configuring IDEA Git plugin to use git.exe from msysgit\bin


Let me duplicate my advice here:

Try installing the official msysgit release from and use it instead of the version bundled with Github.
Github client uses their own implementation of Git (libgit2), so it may cause problems.


Thanks, I will try switching to msysgit and see how it goes.


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