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It states that "Proceed on Error" feature of Eclipse will be supported in version 12:

Integration with Eclipse Java compiler will enable better errors highlighting for the project and even running Java applications containing compilation errors.

and there is an option under Eclipse compiler, but after enabling that, nothing happened. I still can not run my main class with some irrelavent errors in other classes.

Do you have the same problem or it is a configuration problem of my own?

Alright, this is a rather old topic, and each time people start to talk about this, there would be a debate, but honestly, this is just the feature I need, and it promised to bring this feature to version 12.

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Hi Hongxin,

Idea won't run the class automatically if you have "make before run" action added to the run configuration and there were compilation errors after make. However, because of eclipse compiler and the "proceedOnError" option the class is generated and you can actually run it. Just disable the "make before run" option in run configuration. We never aimed supporting running "incompilable classes" as a separate feature, this is rather a side-effect of using eclipse compiler.
When is fixed, running will become possible without completely disabling make before run.

Best regards,


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