intelij ignore maven update policy

we are using intelij version :11.1.3
it seems that intelij ignores repository update policy that was set in our pom  :
we set:
this configuration should prevent maven from updating snapshots in the local .m2 repository.
but when we are using the reimport button in intellij we see in our local .m2 repository artifacts that where updated from nexus.
in order to prevent this we tried to set the maven settings of intellij to "never update" see attached screenshot.

how can we inforce intellij to to use our pom definition without using offline mode ?


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This issue is not extreme case. Snapshot update policy is standard maven mechanism...
It leads to unexpected compilation error when snapshot is updated but the local File System isn't synced with Source Control.
Is it fixed in Intelij 12.0?
If yes we must upgrade.


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