Auto make for Flex projects

Hello guys,

Just downloaded IJ 12 Leda because I wanted to try out the auto make new feature.
There is a problem however. I cannot seem to have it working for my Flex project. Nothing really happens when I make change (add trace("whatever") for instance to any given function), and when I run my run configuration, the is being compiled and runned, as in previous IJ versions.

Do you have any tips how to get it working?

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Unfortunately UI doesn't say that this auto-make feature works for Java compilation only. When few *.java files are changed - auto-make needs only to create few *.class files correspondingly. But in ActionScript/Flex project a single change in source file requires rebuild of the full build configuration and probably other build configurations that depend on it. Such a heavy task is not something we want to trigger on each typed symbol.


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