Is 6708 also buggy for you?

I'm having big problems with 6708 on OS X. The previous beta was much more stable. I see text dissapearing from dialog boxes (checkboxes/buttons with no label), random crashes and things like 'Application error: null' when I try to create a new project.

Anyone else seeing this? I deleted all prefs and caches, no effect.

Not complaining, just curious. I know these are betas.


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I get the "Application error: null" every now and then (if it starts occuring, it occurs frequently until restart). I haven't found a way to reproduce it, so I did not file a jira issue yet.

I failed miserably in trying to set up a new ee project (ear + ejb + web modules). All kinds of weird problems here - again all too fuzzy to create explicit jira issues. The most annoying thing was that Idea insisted to still copy a jar to my web project even though I had long changed it to "do not package" and it definitly was not referenced anywhere else. After more than an hour I was so frustrated that I gave up on Selena, switched back to Demetra for this project (and had the project setup done in twenty minutes).

In another Java SE project I am using Selena and besides the occasional 'Application error:null' I didn't experience any crashes or ui problems.

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I deleted the clearcase plug in, and a whole load of crashes went away. Strangely enough though, I can't drag and drop text in this version.
I'm pretty sure I saw this problem during the last EAP ..


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