IntelliJ Idea 12 RC not authenticating with TFS

I'm running both 11.1.4 and 12 RC.  For some reason TFS fails to authenticate under 12, but works fine under 11.1.4 (same userid/pwd combination obviously).  Any ideas on what to try?  

The behavior I'm seeing is similar to:


Sorry... I should also add that this is on Windows 7 with TFS 2010.


John, could you please turn on TFS logging, restart and attach idea.log?




I'll have to edit the log a bit to remove some client stuff from it, but until then here's a little more info.

Yesterday I got it working when I switched to using idea64.exe on RC1 using my imported config.  Today I upgraded to RC2 and got locked out due to the licensing issue (my 11 license won't validate and I can't do an eval when importing my settings).  Once I blew away my .intellijIdea12 folder, went through the setup and opened my project - the TFS authorization problem returned (I get a 401 message displayed in the login window).

- John


Please use IDEA 12 RC3 build which has licensing problem fixed.

You can send your logs to me directly at kirill (dot) safonov (at) jetbrains (dot) com. Privacy guaranteed.



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