is there a "quick lanuch" tool bar launch configuration?


altough even in eclipse this wasn't built in, it did have a plug in that allowed you to have small icon shortcuts just like quicklauch toolbar in windows. is there such a possiblity (as at times i'd like to juggle between maven and app launches).

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There are two options you can use that are similar, but not identical to what you describe. There may be a plugin that does what you want. You can search the plugin repository ( In the meantime, here are your built in options:

1) You can open the Run Popup (Alt+Shift+F10 or menu Run > Run...). [If you want to start in debug mode, Alt+Shift+F9 is the equivalent]. From there you can either click on the target you want, select one using the up & down arrow, or do an inline search by typing the name of the one you want to launch. (Note that you can create run configurations for maven goals.)  See IntelliJ IDEA > IntelliJ Usage Guidelines > Running > Running Applications in the Help Guide (Help > Help Topics) for more information.

2) You can map a keyboard shortcut to a maven goal (or ant target). Right click the goal/target and select "Assign Shortcut..."  Alternatively, you can open the Settings Dialog (Ctrl+Alt+S or menu File > Settings). In the IDE Settings section is the keymap. Then expand the "Maven Goals" or "Ant Targets" node. Given that there are a limited number of free keyboard sequences left, a good strategy is to use a two command sequence. Start all your personalized run shortcuts with a common sequence, and then you have the whole keyboard open to you to assign to your desired goals.


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