Debugger - evaling large object is *very* slow (toString() evals take time)

When I eval a large Map (in "Evaluate Expression", Alt+F8 window) - it takes a pretty long time for it to display. Disabling "Enable toString() object view" in Settings | Debugger makes it display much faster, of course, as now there's no toString() evaluation for Map's content. But normally - everybody needs this "Enable toString() object view" option.

Instead, is it possible not to hold the displaying of large objects until all it's toString() methods are eval-ed but start displaying it (the object) as it becomes available. I.e start displaying it's data members and results of their toString() calls when they're known already, without waiting for the rest to be eval-ed. Much like the browser starts displaying the table when rows are coming and doesn't wait until whole table's content becomes available.

Thank you !

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