J2EE projects on Glassfish using GWT changes are not updating

Hi guys,

I have created a J2EE app that makes use of the SmartGWT libraries. This toolkit is based off the GWT. When I make a change to the GWT files they are recompiled. The out is part of an exploded WAR. This WAR is deployed to a locally running glassfish server. For the life of me I have on idea why the changes to the GWT files are not getting reflected when I choose to "Update classes and resources". Even the "Redeploy" does not show my changes. The only thing that seams to work is a complete project rebuild and then redeploy. What am I doing wrong? Is there a specific spot of configuration that I need to change to get Glassfish to see the updated files, is it not deploying correctly, etc.

Let me know if you have seen the same problems. Rebuilding the project each time is very time consuming with GWT source so I would like to get this running as soon as possible!


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which IDEA version do you use? Do you have 'GWT Compile Output' element included into 'Output Layout' tree of the artifact which is selected to deploy
to Glassfish?

Nikolay Chashnikov
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JetBrains, Inc
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Hi Nikolay,

I am on version 11.1.4 on Mac. I have included a screen shot showing the 'GWT Compile Output' element in the artifact tree.

Screen Shot 2012-11-29 at 9.05.29 AM.png

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