Unit tests not working

Here's another problem I'm having in my pc-to-mac transition.

All my unit tests stopped working. The error in the Messages toolwindow says that it "cannot find symbol class YMLFormatter" (for example). But when you double-click on the error to take you to the source, there is no error there. The YMLFormatter exists in the same package as the test class (different source root, obviously). The class is completely green, there's just no problem

This has to be due to some sort of classpath mismatch, but I can't figure it out. I never had this problem on my old HP laptop.

Here's my setup, I have 4 modules (2 EJB, 2 Java) and one "parent" project just to hold them all together. I'm trying to run all the tests in all 4 modules. (and actually, I have yet to be able to run anything, even a single test method.)

Any tips about what might be going on here? Thanks.


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