Synchronizing and Monitoring files in Excluded directories

I don't know whether to submit this as a bug or not, but should Idea be monitoring and synchronizing files in directores that are marked as "Excluded"? I had just assumed that by marking these folders as "Excluded" I was essentially removing them from Idea's control and view completely, however this isn't the case.

Some of the diretories that I have marked for exclusion contains thousands of files (which is one reason why I excluded them). The fact that Idea is activly monitoring these directories for changes may be one reason why I've been so frustrated with all of the oddities surrounding the events which occur when Idea grabs focus.

Anyway, is this a bug or a feature?


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I have this problem on my build folder. This folder is configurated as excluded. If I run my clean target in Ant this folder would be removed. After that I usually run my deploy target so the folder would be created and IDEA index all files in it. All I can remember is this issue is new to me in IDEA 6.0.4. Older versions do not show this odd behavior.



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