Referencing SSR template variables in script constraints

Is there a way to manipulate the results of a template variable in a SSR? For instance, if I wanted to add JavaDoc to a set of getters.

Search template:
interface $interfaceName$ { $getterType$ $getterName$(); }

Replace template:

interface $interfaceName$ {
     * Retrieves the $fieldName$ for the {@link $interface$} entity.
     * @return The $fieldName$ for the <code>$interface$</code> entity.
    $getterType$ $getterName$(); }

Of course, 'fieldName' is a template variable introduced in the replace template. As expected, this variable cannot define anything except script text. However, I cannot find a way to populate 'fieldName' from any of the search template variables. If I could, then I could do something like this to convert a camel case getter method into a textual field name:

GetterType.getAt(2).replaceAll(/\B[A-Z]/) {' ' + it}.toLowerCase()

Is there a way to reference template varaibles in script constraints?


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