Community Edition works for Android 2.2 but not 4.0.3

After doing all of my Android development in Eclipse, I'm now trying out IntelliJ IDEA software.  I'm currently using the Community Edition version 11.1.4.

The basic Hello World program works when I start a project in Android 2.2 but not when I start a project in Android 4.0.3.  (I don't currently have the Android 2.3 or 2.3.3 SDKs installed.)  The automatic generation of the Hello World program works in Eclipse with Android 4.0.3.  But when I start a project in IDEA with Android 4.0.3, the files needed to make the Hello World app are never generated.

What's my problem?  Does the Community Edition simply not work with the latest Android setup?  Or is there something else that I overlooked?

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Make sure that you don't see any error after your project is created and the project is fully indexed (the "indexing" process is finished). If the problem is still actual, please try to create a project once again and attach idea.log file here after it. Thanks!


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