fixed bugzilla task plugin... cannot commit


i recently found bugzilla pluging which is a connector to the bugzilla repository via intelij, however i was unableto connect to our company's server.

the reason was that the plugin had a small bug which didn't anticipate repositories with paths names ( so when it created the url object it left out the path "/bugilla" (it had this url re-write function), anyway after i fixed (and removed a filter which only displays tasks assigned to me), this plugin seems to be working.

however one additional bug which i cannot seem to detect is that the connection properties do not seem to persist in intelij settings, meaning each time i open intelij the server properties in settings->tasks->servers, are lost and i have to create them again.

since i'm not the original owner of the plugin, and i've seen several posts regarding it, i thought i should share this. (as well as in the comment section of the plugin page).i  don't i can should or can open a new project in say sourceforge, calll it intelizilla and commit everthing there.

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