Mountain Lion, IntelliJ IDEA 11 ask for SVN Authentication alot!


I updated to Mountain Lion, now IntelliJ IDEA 11 ask for SVN Authentication each time I reopen a project and do SVN stuff (refresh, update, commit). As long as the project is open it will only ask once, but if I close the project and reopen it I get that SVN Authentication dialog again. The checkbox to save credentials doesn't seem to help.

Anyody else have this problem or perhaps a solution?

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Hello Mohsan,

We used to use not signed application stub to launch our java-based IDE, but starting from Mountain Lion it is not allowed any more.
So now we sign the application. If, however, you change any property in Info.plist, signature brokes.
Maybe it is the case.

We will investigate the ways to solve this, and also we will soon add more debugging information for native calls related to credentials storing.

Maybe if you allow to store Subversion credentials as plain text, it would work (if there's a problem with keychain)
In general, we try to suggest those plain-text storing or one-time storing, .... maybe there're some bugs here, but it's hard to investigate the case without that debug info.
I will update this thread when EAP with debugging will be available.

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Logging/prompting user of native calls added into IntelliJ IDEA 12:

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Thanks for the descriptive answer.
I do modify the memory setting -Xmx800m in the file Info.plist, so that must be it. I will try to download a fresh copy and see what happens.

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Also, patch-based update could lead to broken signature.
Issue to track it: IDEA-92177 (Patch-based update breaks codesign on Mac OS X)


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