unable to import new maven module

I am running Intellij IDEA 11.1.3 (#IU-117.798) on Mountain Lion 10.8

I am trying to import a new module from existing maven project, but no matter what I do the module will not show up in the project list, even when I invalidate caches and restart. What can I look at to help diagnose what is wrong in the project configuration.

This may in some way be due to me previously having a project by the same name which I previously deleted out and tried to recreate from scratch. I have several existing modules I do not want to recreate from scratch, so I don't want to blow away my entire project.

I can see the maven project in the Maven Project view and it will successfully build, but it will not show up in the Project view.

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Well, I might have got it working. I grep'ed though the .idea
folder to find every instance of the offending module, then deleted those entries from the respective xml files (artifacts.xml, encoding.xml, workspace.xml, modules.xml), then attempted another import. The module now shows up in the project view.

I used the delete module menu item when I deleted the original module in the first place so I would have thought any necessary project cleanup would have occurred at that point. Or, that the invalidate caches and restart would have eliminated nonexistent xml file references, but apparently not. I will still need to see if there are still issues lurking from the hack I used to allow a new module import.

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Thanks for posting your solution. I had the same problem and this saved me a lot of headaches.


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