Yet another inspection: Exception created but not thrown

Found this in my code:

new SorryException("Can't do that, Dave");

It's caught by the inspection "Result of object allocation ignored" but I
do think that a more strict inspection could be done here. Suggested
name is "Exception created but not thrown".


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Trivial to do, but I know there are some not-too-common-but-not-stupid-either coding patterns that would show up as false positives. For instance

throw buildMeABusinessException(bunch, of, args);


public Exception buildMeABusinessException(Object... args)
//complex code that creates specific exceptions and returns them, thus triggering the inspection

Less commonly, there are also people who commonly do this

Exception x = new MyExceptionClass(x);
throw x;

so as to give them a place to put a breakpoint between the exception creation and throw. Special-casing to avoid this as a false positive would be pretty easy, though.

Certainly worth opening a JIRA for, though.

--Dave Griffith


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