Getting error trying to add web module for twitter bootstrap

I upgraded to intelliJ 11.1.3 today so that I could get the new ui to create a twitter bootstrap web module. When I go through the wizard ui,it errors out.

Here are my steps:

Click on Add Module
First screen, select Create Module from scratch
Second screen, select Web module
Third screen, select Twitter Bootstrap

It pops up text saying Twitter Bootstrap version: Getting list ...
It justs sits there and spins.

The status bar at the bottom says "updating versions of bootstrap repository..."

If I cancel out of the box and click on the status bar it says "Downloading"

But it doesn't succeed.

I had a similar problem trying to to check for updates. It would fail as well. I set the http proxy in the intelliJ ui to a valid value that I was using in my web browser and it started working.

I have shell environment variables set like the following:
env | grep proxy

So is there another setting that I have to set?
Maybe a https proxy setting?
or a java setting?
or an ide setting?

I can reference from the browser and from curl just fine.


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Hi Mike,

Proxy you say? Maybe this one: ? See the last comment for fixed versions.

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It was a proxy problem. I fixed it by going into the idea.vmoptions and adding the following:


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