collect all instatiations in a call hierrachy?

we have a bug in our application which states ther's a huge memeory consumption (up 1.5 gb) is there a way i can analyze a call hirarchy starting from a method and collect objects instationsions?

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In general a profiler like YourKit is much better suited for such a job. (BTW: It has excellent IDEA integration plus there's a fully functional trial.)

Besides that general remark, I am not sure I understand your question correctly.
Do you want to find usages of the "new" operator for _all_ object types?
If so, I don't think that's possible (or that it makes much sense in an IDE (as opposed to a profiler)).
If it's a certain class you are interested in, then you can view the "backwards" call hierarchy starting at the class's constructor(s).
Or you could set a breakpoint at the constructor and configure that breakpoint to only output the current stacktrace, but not stop execution.


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